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Working Mom

We Help

Make Things Happen.


The Deborah's Company are women who are fully complete in who they are in Christ Jesus and are ready to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and have dominion in the 7 pillars of society.


Every Deborah is called to one or more of the pillars to shine and make a difference.


Our focuses are:

  • EDUCATION - providing you with education, valuable resources designed to improve your skills, talents, and define and refine your vision. We provide mentors who will work with you in building and rebuilding your vision and purpose. 

  • EXPOSURE  -Network opportunities to connect you to like-minded Deborahs in your industry and around the world. 

  • ELEVATION - opportunities to showcase yourself, build your confidence, your platform and your influence. 

Our Promises are:

We want to encourage you to join forces with us and let us work together and we promise:

  1. to help you discover the ability and the power through Christ to achieve your dreams

  2. to teach you how to rise in your calling

  3. to walk with you and mentor you every step of the way

  4. to show you how you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength

  5. to encourage you to be confident in knowing that with God all things are possible.


We are committed to you RISING UP and TAKING YOUR PLACE!!!!!

There is a place for you with us to grow, expand and increase. ​

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